Your layout is empty!

Go to Joomla Administrator > Extensions > Template Manager > hot_corporate - Default > Layout Builder.
There, click + ADD ROW button to add some rows and then drag'n'drop elements into the rows.



We prepared online documentation and video tutorials that will guide you through the development of your website with Sparky. Everything will be covered, from the installation of Sparky to the export of your new template. You will finish this series of tutorials with fully functional Joomla website.

  1. Installation of Sparky Framework generic template (This is already done!)
  2. How Layout Builder makes the skeleton of your website
  3. Set text styles and use Google Web Fonts
  4. Configuration of top menu with drop-downs and classic menu
  5. Adding some cool features to the website
  6. Check how Sparky works on mobile devices
  7. Exporting template


Your can also download HotStart installation of Sparky. It will copy entire Joomla with our Sparky demo site.

Thank you for developing with Sparky!